Alison Healey has built her legal career in Harford County – first as a prosecutor and then as a defense attorney.  The experience on both sides gives her the required skills to lead the Harford County State’s Attorney’s Office.  For over 12 years, Alison was a prosecutor in the Harford County State’s Attorney’s Office and has the experience needed for Harford County State’s Attorney.

Tough on crime

I have a proven record of being tough on crime and hold offenders properly accountable for their crimes. If they do the crime, I will make sure they do the time. My primary focus has and will always be getting justice for our victims.

partner with law enforcement

I will work to rebuild the deteriorated relationship between the current State’s Attorney and law enforcement; provide an unwavering level of support and maintain a true partnership with law enforcement.

harford county strong

I will fight to keep Baltimore City crime and their disastrous policies out of Harford County.

Stand with Alison, Stand with Law Enforcement

Alison with the Harford County Deputy Sheriff’s Union Board and Union President Aaron Penman at her breakfast fundraiser.

The Harford County Deputy Sheriff’s Union has ENDORSED Alison Healey for Harford County State’s Attorney!!

The vote of our deputies for this endorsement race was OVERWHELMINGLY in favor of Alison Healey! This speaks volumes for the trust our men and women of law enforcement have in Alison Healey as the best candidate for this job! Alison has a long-standing history of unwavering support for our law enforcement community, valuing and respecting their input in cases and for being tough on crime. Because of this proven track record, they wholeheartedly believe her pledge to partner with and support them and to ensure the safety of our county is always paramount!

I am humbled, grateful, and energized by the trust, belief, and respect that our law enforcement officers have placed in me to be their next Harford County State’s Attorney. My well-established reputation for being tough on crime, supportive of law enforcement, and a successful prosecutor made me their choice for this position. I look forward to meeting their expectations and more in the future!

The Harford County Municipal Lodge #128 of the Fraternal Order of Police, Inc. endorsed Alison Healey for Harford County State’s Attorney!

I am pleased to announce that I have received another endorsement from the men and women of law enforcement. Today, the Harford County Municipal Lodge #128 of the Fraternal Order of Police, Inc. endorsed Alison Healey for Harford County State’s Attorney! FOP 128 contains members from Aberdeen Police Department, Havre de Grace Police Department, and Bel Air Police Department.


Alison Healey wants to



Alison’s trial experience with the Harford County State’s Attorney’s Office included all types of cases including Murder, Sexual Assault, Burglary, Possession with Intent to Distribute Controlled Dangerous Substances, First and Second Degree Assault, Driving Under the Influence, and much more. She has a proven track record of supporting and partnering with law enforcement to ensure that offenders are held accountable.

Highly Motivated, Ethical, Trustworthy

Driven to Make Improvement

Committed to Law Enforcement

Alison Healey’s trial experience and victim advocacy is extraordinary and is not matched by her competitors in this election. Alison Healey has a skill set which will allow her to run the State’s Attorney’s Office with competence and courage.


Over 12 Years of Experience as Prosecuting Attorney

For over six of those years, she supervised the Domestic Violence Unit and prosecuted some of the most violent offenders the Office encountered. In addition, she led and supervised trial teams of felony prosecutors and assisted with the training of new prosecutors to the office.  

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Authority: Friends of Alison Healey; Stephanie Schneider, Treasurer